Florence: Full day Pisa and Lucca
  • Starting location: Firenze
  • Arrival: Firenze
  • Duration: 8 h

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Florence: Full day Pisa and Lucca

City Tour

Luxury Limousine service:

Full day 8hrs. The Miracle Square with its leaning tower, cathedral, baptistery and “Campo Santo” form an architectural complex which is commonly considered as one of the most beautiful in Europe. The nearby Lucca is a city with a totally different character which has a perfectly preserved historical center and city walls, in which its powerful past is very visible and enjoyable nowadays.

Pisa was a flowering town in the Middle Ages. Its greatest legacy are its unique architecture and art.

The Duomo was the first cathedral in Tuscany where the innovative “Pisan-Romanesque” style was fully developed and later copied by many other churches built all over the western Mediterranean.  

Inside its main feature is the elaborate pulpit.  The Baptistery, in front of the facade, contains another Pisano's lovely pulpit as well. Later you can also visit the Camposanto (holy field), a monumental cemetery said to be filled by the "holy" dirt brought by the Pisan crusaders from the Hill of Cavalry in Jerusalem.

The Leaning Tower probably carries the most legends of the buildings of its kind; perhaps it was deliberately constructed to lean. Perhaps Galileo let objects of different weights fall from the tower and timed the fall to demonstrate his theories about bodies in motion and gravity rules.  

The tower is said to lean approximately 14 feet from the perpendicular. Climbing the tower is surely an evocative experience and, time permitting, it should not be missed.

This is the only building in the world where one could get out at each single level and walk around its exterior 360°

A neighbouring rival of Pisa, just northwards, is Lucca.  

Thanks to its walls Lucca was protected from any siege, consequently its historic center is perfectly preserved.  

There you'll find landmarks different in appearance and history: from a medieval maze of alleyways to a Roman grid-like arrangement of passageways, from Renaissance loggias to Rococo facades.

Lucca has a distinctive look among Tuscany's towns: beneath the red-tiled roofs the buildings have white or cream bricks,the palaces are more open, less fortress-like, and the church crenulations rise slender and delicate towards the sky.  

It is in flavour more feminine, aristocratic and northern European than other cities in Tuscany.

Lucca flourished in the Middle Ages as a banking and merchant center, known principally for its beautiful silk. Today the city is said to produce the finest olive oil in the world.

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Tour available every day of the year.    Comfortable walking shoes are suggested for this tour.   Make sure your cameras are charged or load up on batteries!